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Land products and natural ressources of the land




Wild mushrooms and chestnuts in the fall. Meats such as Limousin beef, black pork meat, lamb, ducks.

“Strong” and refined, created according to local ancient traditions the cuisine from Correze inherited from its soils flavors. Wines made with grapes having rested on straw, “Millasous” potatoes, stuffed King bolets, “Tourtous” chanterelles and truffles are accompanying the tasty meats or delicious fresh water fishes such as trout, pike, pike perch … to all this are added flavored desserts such as the “flaugnarde”, “clafoutis” and samples of raspberry, blueberry, walnut made liquors .. making the Correze cuisine a never-ending feast based on gourmet food.

The local gastronomy illustrate perfectly the native sense for good living as the Correze Region diversifies its festive ways with celebrations dedicated to strawberries, apples, walnuts, blueberries, chestnuts.. not to mention the “fat fairs” of Brive la Gaillarde and the Chartrier-Ferriere truffles market.

All along the summer months and on specific dates the rest of the year, the native producers farmers markets feature the resources and diversity of the various regional farm products and crafts.

Activities and leisures


CORREZE has 5 golfs
all located in impressive natural environments

Nice escapades are waiting for you in this land of various sceneries.
From meadows to forests, from springs to cascades nearly 600 marked hiking trails are crisscrossing the region (fro beginners to advanced hikers). 400 hiking loops have been designed for easier hikes..

usual links: www.sentiers-en-france.eu/randonnees-correze-19/treignac/randonnee-treignac

2O equestrian centers and over 220 miles of horse trails across the Correze region will allow the beginners to confirmed riders to ride through our beautiful chestnut and beech tree forests
You need to make a stop at the “Pompadour” equestrian center ( the name of the chateau gave her name to the renown Marchioness of Pompadour) sheltering a National Horse Stud Farm, cradle of the Anglo Arabian race à la Marquise.
Tours , special events and various associated activities are available.

Correze is a fisherman’s paradise.
with other 3000 miles of rivers and streams where you may find minnows gudgeons, fario trots or common graylings; .
and over 12000 acres of perches, pikes and carps. Fly-fishing lovers will also like to visit a fishing roosters farm, as their feathers are used for fishing decoys for trout and grayling fishing. Twelve catch and release water courses will allow you to fish trout just for fun and then relase your catch. The Correze region features also twelve water courses of 2nd category for night trout fishing.
The Correze region features also twelve water courses of 2nd category for night trout fishing.

Départ pêche aux écrevisses  

departing from Beaulieu sur Dordogne and Pompadour.

are available in Brive, Egletons, Peyrelavede and Ussel.


A favorable aerology, a mild climate and adapted sites allow the practice of hand-gliding in the valley of Dordogne and the Mountain range of Monedieres.
You may want to experience:joy or initiation flights in hand-gliding or ultra light motorized crafts, attend improvement classes for hand-gliding through 2 flight simulators or test your abilities from 12 take off sites.
Wind activities center in Chaumeuil (5 miles)


In Correze, your will enjoy bikes as a natural mean of transportation, going from village to village through incredible sceneries.
Fifteen family oriented biking loops have been designed with about 12 miles of which are lined up with informative markers. These itineraries are mostly using country side roads for your convenience.


Rivers and lakes, canyon gorges and cascades are a perfect background for water activities. Across the Correze, Dordogne and Vezere regions, you will choose from various river itineraries especially designed for eithre canoeing, kayaking or even river gorges or the Vezere river, in the spring and summer seasons.

Other water sports are also available, such as: swimming, water skiing, rowing, wind surfing. The whole region is a water lover paradise with numerous equipped bases to operate from.
For a quieter outdoor experience you may want to take a “Garbarre” ride (traditional local flat bottom river boat) along the Dordogne river, passing by medieval perched chateaux and dramatic cliffs.
Treignac hosts French and wold canoe-kayak competitions.


We can guide you in the choice of concerts and leisure activities proposed for the summer.
We organize concerts with us, Chapel of the Penitents, Church of Treignac.

Markets, discoveries of regional products
Flea markets, regional markets, country products, ask your hosts …


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